NORTH COAST NATIVES      - Bainbridge Island, North Kitsap, & Jefferson County, Washington

UPCOMING (and recent) EVENTS

Xerophyllum tenax, Bear Grass, Mt Rainier *

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My obsession for the past year: acquiring and curating photos and a bit of writing and sort of research assistant stuff for this-- 
(from UW Press editor):
Gardening with Native Plants of the Pacific Northwest, Third Edition
Arthur R. Kruckeberg and Linda K. Chalker-Scott
The long-awaited third edition of Gardening with Native Plants of the Pacific Northwest will include updated designations for species, genus, and family names for numerous native plants, and over 900 color photos of native trees, shrubs, perennials, grasses, and annuals. Each species has been carefully selected as garden-worthy, setting this book apart from encyclopedic tomes containing all native plants. Building on the classic text by the late botanist Arthur R. Kruckeberg, horticulturist Linda Chalker Scott has contributed new chapters on garden ecology and garden science. This thoroughly revised edition of the book Sunset magazine called a "standard guidebook for anyone who gardens with Northwest Natives" will be the gold standard for Northwest gardeners in the twenty-first century. Forthcoming 2017-2018.


NEWS FLASH- My 3.5 seconds of fame. The Spring 2015 issue of Bark Magazine contains my review of the Pet Poo Pocket Guide by Rose Seeman. It's a guide to sustainable disposal and upcycling (composting) of pet waste. I learned about Rose's web site Envirowagg and her poop-based horticultural products when I was researching an article on the subject that was ultimately published in the magazine Back Home, in 2010. You can find a copy of that article, Back-end Upcycling, in my blog.
 one of many resident tree frogs on a leaf of Canna 'Tropicanna' on my porch


* poppy photo by Marianne Dresser

2017 EVENTS:

SUNDAY, MAY 21, 1-4 PM
NATIVE SPRING WILDFLOWERS: garden attributes and identification of many showy native wildflowers blooming at this time. 
We'll begin with a short talk and slide show indoors, then take a short break with coffee, tea and snacks provided. During the second half of the workshop we'll tour Sally's native plant-focused landscaping, including some garden beds and some more natural woodland areas. 
We'll have some native seeds to give away, maybe some little starts for free, maybe a few plants for sale.
Naturalist Sally Manifold is retired after 30 years in nature education and ecorestoration management. With Tom Schroeder, she has a beautiful five acre property in a heavily wooded area. To the rich pre-existing native flora, they have added hundreds of additional native species.

Donation requested $10 per person, to help with handouts etc. 
Email me for more info, to reserve a spot, and to receive directions to Sally and Tom's place in the Poulsbo/Suquamish area.

SUNDAY, JULY 16, 1-4 PM 
DROUGHT-TOLERANT NATIVES- Learn common characteristics of drought-tolerant plants in general, review the many choices for low- or no-water landscaping using native plants, and additional strategies for keeping plants happy with little or no added water once they are established. 


butterfly on   
Dichelostemma sp. *

California Poppy *


* Xerophyllum, Dichelostemma and poppy photos, Marianne Dresser