NORTH COAST NATIVES      - Bainbridge Island, North Kitsap, & Jefferson County, Washington
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I rarely check my phone-- email is generally the fastest way to reach me.     
Sami Gray
North Coast Natives 
POB 1422
Poulsbo , WA 98370

I am a  graduate-trained botanist, nurserywoman, and landscaper.
I have been fortunate to do work that I love: tending and learning from things that grow.  I enjoy sharing my passion for plants, educating people who want to know more about them, and introducing people to new botanical "friends". 
As a lover of fauna domestic and wild, and as someone with a scientific background who cares about the environment, my perspectives on landscaping include less-toxic or nontoxic pest control, and educating people about garden products that may be harmful or fatal to their animal friends. 
I have many interests, love learning, and enjoy wearing several different occupational "hats": in addition to landscaping, I do some freelance copy editing and writing for publication,  botany subcontracting, seed collecting and plant propagation.  In my little bit of down time (mostly in winter!) I enjoy reading, film, and nontraditional basket making. 

 I often volunteer for organizations related to animal welfare, plants and environmental issues, or the arts. 

Trillium ovatum *

I have donated horticultural services "packages" to fundraising auctions for nonprofits I support, including PAWS of Bainbridge, West Sound Wildlife Shelter, and the Port Townsend Marine Science Center.
I have done volunteer work including fostering for PAWS, a group providing many pet-related services, with a focus on cats.  My own kitty, Padma, came from the organization's great adoption center. 
I have volunteered and fostered for Mikey's Chance, a rescue group based in Kennewick that focuses on death row dogs.  I support the work of Kul Kah Han Native Plant Demonstration Gardens in Port Hadlock, and have helped them with plant propagation and with writing educational materials, as well as donating plants from my nursery.

Trillium chloropetalum  *

Barter: I'm always open to barter for goods and services I need, though I am not a big accumulator of stuff.

I am just a trifle technophobic, and own gadgets I have never learned to use. I'd appreciate some help understanding my digital camera, my Kindle, and my external HD.  My two laptops are old and rickety (like me) and might benefit from repair or replacement.  Eventually I am bound to surrender and get a cell phone, and then I will need help with that. (Yes, I live in a cave).

Chance, who joined us as a middle-aged rescue, loves to go to work with me. 

Chandra as a beautiful 
spotted puppy

My previous dog, Virginia Woof, as a puppy