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What's the deal about native plants?

** Pacific Ninebark, Physocarpus capitatus

A native plant for any region is one of a species known to have evolved in that region; in the PNW, that means that the species is known to have existed here before the arrival of European settlers.

Native plants can be good choices for our gardens and landscapes:
1. Plants that evolved with the soil type and climate that obtain for your garden will have an ecological advantage and will require less care.  They may also have more resistance to local disease organisms like fungi and to local plant predators like bugs.  This makes the life of an organic gardener much easier. There are some great garden and landscape plants that can be called near-natives--- these may be close relatives of regional native species, with similar ecological requirements, thus conferring some of the native benefits of compatibility with climate and soil type.  2. Natives are good for wildlife: local butterflies, birds, and other animals have evolved along with the plants, and rely upon them. 3. By living with natives day to day in your garden, you get to know them better.  Gardening is a creative activity, but it can also be a way of learning more about nature.4. It is possible that in some cases the propagation of natives in gardens will help to preserve species as they face loss of wild habitat.

At North Coast Natives, I offer many of the showier native plants for sale in my small nursery.  As a botanist I offer consulting on natives and weeds on your property.  As a landscaper I provide design, coaching, and installation assistance for landscapes that may incorporate natives.

See my blog at  for many informational articles on plants and landscaping tips, wildlife, and animal welfare. (Old blogs are still at that address; new blogs from February 8 on will go to -- I'll work on transferring old material to that address, but it will take a while).


-Landscape consulting with an emphasis on less-common plants, native or non-native
-Low-maintenance, environmentally friendly landscapes
-Gardening for birds and butterflies, other wildlife
-Right plant/right place issues
-Deer-resistant plant choices with a "deer munch guarantee"
-Botanical consulting for identification and management of noxious weeds, conservation of native flora, slope retention, environmental issues
-"Blank slate" landscape design for new properties, renovation and troubleshooting for old mistakes or purchased problems 

Escholtzia californica, California Poppies *

** Sally Manifold
* Marianne Dresser
White flower photos: Trillium albidum from my collection